Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweet Potato Brown Rice Pudding... Salad... Stuff...

Saw this on a vegan documentary I watched on Netflix earlier while the kiddos were napping. I have to be honest, I thought it looked kinda barfy, but she said every single person who had ever tried it liked it and I had some sweet potatoes in the pantry from ages ago that I really needed to use so I gave it a go.

She called it Orange Salad but this is not what I would ever picture when hearing the words "Orange Salad" so I dunno what else you would call it. It's darn good though!!

Bake a sweet potato til the skin peels off. Add to food processor along with about the same amount of brown rice. Ad nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and soy milk. Blend and enjoy.

I used pumpkin pie spice, cut the vanilla and used vanilla hemp milk,  and added agave...wishing I would have thrown some toasted pecans on top. Mmm.!

Cooking Tip: If you have a sneezing 2 yr old, don't let him stand with his face over the bowl ;)  ...Zander totally sneezed right in the bowl.... and no, I didn't throw it away lol. Score one for natural immunity ;p

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