Monday, January 3, 2011

Homemade Raw Organic Chocolate

actually used a kit to make my chocolate but its super simple. I don't know the ratios of the cocoa powder and cocoa butter but that is all u need for a dark bitter type chocolate, which I think would be great for baking. If you wanted milk chocolate you could add milk to the recipe and I think it would work well. Also you can add any kind of sweetner you want or none at all. Here is the link for the recipe I used but they added a couple of superfoods to the cocoa powder which isn't needed. Check out the rest of the website because they have LOTS of really good looking recipes... I can't do the chocolate cuz my body didn't like it, but it sure was delicious while I got to eat it LOL!

I had bought Navita Naturals cocoa nibs before and checked them out online and saw the choco kit and thought that would be awesome because its organic and raw... and you can make the chocolate on your own with low heat and not denaturing the good qualities of the cocoa. A huge reason I wanted to make it on my own was because most chocolates I found had some sort of sweetner in it, some were fruit sweetened or organic cane sugar but I didn't want any of that in my choco since I don't do well with any type of sweetner like that. I wanted to just use Stevia since it doesn't feed candida. You pretty much just need powdered cocoa and cocoa butter, but it was important to me to get the organic and the most raw so it would have the most minerals and all still in it.

In the process of making home made chocolate...
 its for real too easy. I used organic cocoa butter and cocoa powder and raw cocoa nibs... thats it!

The finshed product, delicious organic chocolate... 
Oh my its soo good! I'm not great with presentation so my pics don't do it justice lol.

Sprouted quinoa cocoa pops =) 
Yummy cereal I made today, only made a little since 
I had a little leftover sprouted quinoa but it was good so next time 
I'm gonna make a big batch...
Click here for the recipe.


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